1BE (2020)

The name “1BE” is the first 3 characters of the associated public bitcoin account. The image is a QR Code linking to the artist page referencing

is a digitally enhanced artwork with an intrinsic bitcoin value. The QR Code link shows the current bitcoin balance of the associated bitcoin account while the account password is glued on the canvas behind the painting making it impossible to retrieve without destroying it.

The balance rises automatically either with a donation or through commissions from the sales of reproductions sold.




To an art collector, my art has no value. On the other hand, there are many very talented artists around the world who are totally ignored because they are not interesting from an investment point of view. There are also many untalented artists who are very successful because they fit in the investment story sometimes institutional sometimes private.

A real Artist to me is someone who makes a dent into the unknown, into something new that has never been done. At least who attempt to Create and not someone who follows an existing path.

1BE is my playful attempt to attach an intrinsic value to my creation. It depicts a QR Code linking to the bitcoin balance associated with it. The unique password to retrieve the balance is glued between the canvas and the top painting layer making it impossible to retrieve without destroying the artwork, so the owner can either keep the painting with the unknown password or destroy the painting to retrieve the password to get to the balance.

Another twist is that the attached account balance can rise from a donation or through commissions from sales of reproductions sold from this site.

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