I’m a self-taught artist creating artworks and music going with the visual art since ’92. Born in Paris from a “French” (Polish/German) father who grew up in Paris and a Japanese mother from Yokohama, I grew up in Tokyo, studied marketing and advertising in France (ESP) and the US (OSU). As my father was an art director in a Japanese multinational and a painter, while my mother was an art dealer, I grew up with all things artistic between Tokyo and Paris.

Influenced by punk rock but mainly by the post-punk new wave scene in my teens, having lived and travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, the US and Africa my art is free and unpredictable but 2 main themes often emerge as an east-west fusion: fading memories / impermanence / wabi-sabi and the fusion or contrast between opposing worlds.

I’m also own a small online marketing strategy and web hosting firm and operate a Forest Therapy Centre in Tenerife