Kiss (2016)

Oil on canvas
110 cm x 110 cm / 43.3″ x 43.3″

At one point, it seemed to me that every pop artists had painted a Marylin sometimes in their career so I decided to create one as well. I didn’t want to just paint Marylin with some “effects”, I needed a creative twist and I strongly believe that is exactly the role of a real artist, it’s to push the boundaries whatever boundary he finds worth pushing. As I was looking at the various faces of Marylin and kiss scenes I got the idea Marylin and Lenin, MaryLenin that was it. This one would also become an occasion to show that I can, under torture I must admit, paint more realistic painting though it really doesn’t interest me at this time.

This painting depicts another recurring subject of mine which can be summarized by the “fusion of different worlds” or “contrasting worlds”. With all its intended ambiguity, the viewer is free to interpret its meaning. Is there a message? Maybe… but it’s up to you to decide.